Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ladies I want you to "Clutch" it!

I am all about the perfect clutch! Anyone can carry a handbag. I think it takes a real fashion forward gal to mix it up as much as she wants with that perfect little or not so little statement. It can be changed daily. And why not? There are so many to choose from. At every price point. I suggest you start collecting them. Daytime to evening. Have them all. I can think of no better way to take an outfit from ok to Are You Kidding Me!!! New, old, vintage, designer. This is an easy way to take your outfit from nice to we are all talking about it! I love to watch old movies where every time the star enters she has a new clutch to finish and polish her look. One word Sophisticated. Take your outfit to the next level. If this is not clear. Clutch it up all day long. And then clutch it up in the evening too. They have them for morning, noon, and night. Have fun! They don't have to match your shoes. Your clutch can be as unique as you. Also a great way to work color, trend and texture into your look.  xx

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